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Thirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Temples near Tiruchi

Thiruppattoor OR Thirupattur OR Thiruppidavur

After Tirupattoor Arputhangal written By Sri Ramji in Shakthi Vikatan , This Temple has become more Popular . In Particular The Sthalam on a whole itself has been known as " Thalaiezhuthai maatri  amaikkum Sthalam". You know the Editor of Shakthi Vikatan ( Vikatan Group) after this Book Publication has become Chief Editor of "The Hindu " which seems to be an elevation in His Carreer.
Following are few narrations of history,sayings from the temple priests now in this temple.
Long long ago this village was with full of Brahmins and Known as Chathurvethimangalam meaning of  Kings contributed Place for Brahmins , experts in Chathur vethas. 
Jeeva samaathis of Two Siththars/Maharishis/Yogis  situated here which is a rare feature.
Pathanjali Rishi and Vyakrapaathar are the two great Maharishis. Both are very great mahaaRishis  blessed by Shiva. Places connected to Vyakrapaathar are called names starting with "Puli"means Tiger. (Vyakrapaatha muni has Tiger Feet Shaped Feet.)In Sanskrit Vyakram means Tiger.
 The Temples shall be visited in the following Order:

1. Arulmigu BrahmaPureeswarar Temple - One Day Full
                   Morning On Opening  We can enter the Temple - Pray to Lord Brahmapureeswarar,
                   Ambaal , Brahmar Sannathi , Pathanjali Muni Samaathi, and all  Siva Koshta 
                   Sannathis including Navagrahas,Bairavas etc., till 12 noon.
                   Come Outside - Take Medium Food(preferably from home) and after taking small 
                   meditation Enter The Temple at 4 pm. First visit the Lingams worshipped by Pathanjali
                   Muni on the Right Hand Side in a separate Nadavanam. Pray before all Lingas for 
                   about 5 minutes and after making one round of prakaram enter Pathanjali Muni's
                   Sannathi (Brindavan) and take a meditation for few hours. After that after completing 
                   Prathakshanam finish the days tour.

2. Arulmigu Kaasi Viswanatha Koil  - One Day Full.
                    If water is there on the pond known as vyakrapaatha theertham take a dip or make 
                    prokshanam of the tank water on the head and enter the Temple.Small Temple - Pray                       before all Sannathis for ten minutes. Highly radiating temple. If we stand before                               Ambaal facing Ambaal you can worship Lord Viswanathar on LeftHandside,  worship 
                    Ambaal on straight , Vyakrapathar tank( Sun) on the left handside and Vyakrapathar
                    Brindavan on backside. Take a few minutes stay for viewing and praying to all the                           major dieties there. As we can experience in important brindavans few live                                         bairavas(dog) presence will be there. Just like here Few Bairavas will follow us and 
                    behave like a known pet. There is a Snake Hive is also there before the Temple for                         worship. With this we can finish morning programme. 
                    Evening at 4 Enter the Temple and after making Prathakshanam, make a  round of                           Brindavan of Vyakrapaathar and sit before that and start meditation. we can                                     experience high radiation from Mahaamuni   Brindavan. we can mediate for few                               hours before leaving.

3. Purushothaman Perumal Temple  - Morning Full
                    Morning visit the Temple and Pray to all Dieties there. Sannathi of Hanuman &                               Thaayaar Sannathi are to be Prayed for Few Minutes separately.
                    There are many murthams in this Perumaal temple - Santhaana Krishnan,                                         Kaalinganathanan and Uthsavar of the Main perumaal. All murthams have significant
                    powers in giving boons to the worshippers. 

4. SaaththanaarKoil - Evening Full
                    While entering the Village This ThiruUlaa Saathan koil will come first. Actually this is                     the oldest temple of this place and till recent years , this temple was in a delapidated
                    condition. Sasthan worship is Tamilians very old culture ans Saathanaar Temples in                         Tamilnadu had been depleted long back due to age.Only very few temples exist now.
                    Saaththanaar is the Aiyappan only and here Saasthaa is with his wives                                               Poorna&Pushkalaa. In Tamilnadu this may be the biggest Aiyappan old Temple                               Blessing with his consorts.
                    Here also you we Pray to the dieties there and in the Front Mandapam with Pillars
                    (Only this Pillars depict/have Archealogical Inscriptions in Thorupattoor) we can                               mediate in the Presence of Sathanaar.
                    In the Historical Times -once in an year all the Gods- Shiva,Brahma&Visnu visit here
                    with their Koshta thevathaas to hear the verses of Sundarar/Appar etc., Since all Gods
                    make a procession(Ulaa)behind adiyaars - This is known as Thiru Ulaa Saathanaar

 We can also visit Karuppannaswami Koil & few other Village Gods situated within the Village.


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