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 parihaara sthalam for Chandran Ucham/Neecham/rohasthanam 
 Prarthanai sthalam for Rohini,Thiruvonam
 Kadaka Raasi shall worship this sthalam always
 Vrichiga Rasi shall worship when Chandran is Ucham 
Arulmiku Akshayanathaswami Sametha Yohanayaki Ambaal at Maandurai@thirumandhurai near Thuhili , Thiruvidaimaruthur

When All Dhevars boycot Yagam by Dakshan without inviting Lord Shiva,
Chandran attended the Yagam. He got leprosy as saabam from all Devas.
To get relief Chandran prayed to this God as instructed by Guru.
Chandran got relief from KshayaRoham. Akshayam means no Kshayam.
Akshayam also mean " ALLA ALLA KURAIYATHA " in Tamil. That Means
this God will bless with eternal wealth, removal of health problems - especially skin deceases etc.
Powerful parihaara sthalam for chandran and the stars, rasis controlled by Chandran. 
3 consequtive Mondays we shall make danam of white cloth with Raw rice
which are favourite to Chandran and to read thirisathi slokams for 30 days in the sannathi  are the parihaarams suggested here.

Chandran is beleived to worship Sivan daily here. Sun also beleived to worship here daily with his rays for giving strength.Avudaiyaar here is in square shape.
Uchishta Ganapathy is in Nrithya Moolai and remedial stalam against pilli sunyam and other thanthric activities.


Ravanan, when shaked the Kialaash Hills. Shiva got angry and to pacify him Sivabakthan Ravanan worshipped here by Singing sama vedam with Veenai. He plucked one of his Head and made it as Kudam for Veenai and made the Ganam. Hence the place is as Thiruthalaiyur.The Place is where Saptha Rishis had ashrams and worshipped God.
Saptharishis seeing Ravanan got frightened and prayed God to Change all into a Tree. swamy Made all of them into a marutha tree and that is sthala vriksham here.
Gowthamar & akaligai had ahram and lived here after saaba vimochanam from Ramar.
Pruruva Maharishi worshipped for removing Brahmahathi Dosham here.
Here Stahlavriksha Pooja will give all boons like marriage, long life , protection against enemies since Brahma and Saptha Rishis are in the Tree swaroopam.


Aanaaya Naayanaar Birth Place and Mukthi Sthalam. 
Kondrai Tree is the sthala vriksham. Parauramar worshopped here for removing sin for killing his mother in the Theertham. and also known as Prasurameswaram. Mahalakshmi worshipped here and known as Thirumangalam.Nayanaar sirpam as sheperd is here.
Swami here created a river by name Gaya Phalkuni where Parasuramar himself got absoved from Pithru thosham and we can do here Pithru dosha parihaarams as done in other Pithru dosha parihaara sthalam. Equivelent to Gaya Snanam since gaya palkuni here is created by Shiva. equivelent to kasi snanam also.
Here Sani Bagwan ( Criw is facing North) having power to give lost goods.
Naayanaar Story:
Aanaana Naayanaar is a shepherd and used to keep cattle. When doing jobs he used to make namasivaya naatham from his flute under the sarakkondrai tree.when he is singing from flute the peacocks,parrots, and other birds in the tree used to forget themselves and they dont make any sounds.
Here Durgai is on Lion and Simmavaahini. This Durgai is said to remove obstacles in doing marriages after performing betrothel.
There are practical evidences for that.  

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