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Devi   Karthyaayini  Temple ,Kundrathur
5 kms from Kundrathue on Tiruneermalai Road.
Birth Place of Sekkishaar. This devi – karpagraham is more than 2000 years old .

Devi Kathyaayini is made of Chandrakaantha stone , having unlimited magnetic power
Divine and mystic.
6 feet Mangala maari as Ichchaa sakthi ,  Panchaloka Krishnamaari as Kriya Sakthi and
Kathyaayini as  Gnana sakthi.
Ashtalakshmi,Mahisaasuramarthini Temples at Mahaa mandapam. Bacj side Neem tree
Sthala viriksham. Neem tree grown in  Trisulam  shapes with Three Top branches.
 only on Friday,Sat,Tuesday , Amavasai Girinimba poojai will be done and Herbs will be
given as prasadam. Effective for Child birth and  reunion of couple  after separation.
        Parihaara sthalam for Rahu Kethu  and to heve wishes fulfilled.
Nei Deepam shall be  lighted  near giri nimbi vriksham . Minimum three Sundays for
Raahu kethu thosham.

For maariage obstacles: 3 darshans shall be made with prarthanas.
1.       To pry to devi Kathyayini with 2 coconuts
2.       To pry  to Vriksham in the form of God
3.       To do janmapathrika  pooja with jathakam of the affected
At the feet of Devi/feet of vriksha.

Padavedu Renukamabal Temples
About 20 kolimaters from Vellore on Thiruvannamalai Road. Divertion at Kannamangalam or
At chandavasal. At the foot hills of Javvadu malai.
Said to be birth place of Parasuramar. This place had once 1008 sivan temples and 108 vishnu
Temples. Lot of temples with ancient history are hete. Please visit  in web rajus temple visits- padavedu temples.
Renukambal is the mother of Parasuramar . She was beheaded by Parasuramar as per father jamathagni  instructions  and as per his wish when the head was rejoined  with the body of  servant maid.
While when Renukaambaal was doing service to Jamathagni one day, King karthaveeryarjun
Came to Ashram for capturing Kamadhenu with the Rishi and in the battle killed Jamathagni
Rishi. In grief Renukambaal killed herself by falling in fire .But due to the heavy rain Renukaambal
Got life with heavy boils due to the Fire.Because of this only Parasuramar took woe and destroyed
The whole kshtriya vamsa starting with kartha veeryarjunan who killed his father.
Both parasu raman 7 mother prayed to Shiva who gave life to Jamathagni muni and Shiva requested
Renukaambal to bless the people  by  staying there  as Renukaambal with her sirasu. This muthy of
Ambal is swayambu and had in her  Siva,Vishnu & Brahma.
Adisankara had  installed Banalingam, jana aakarshana  chakram . here.Ambaal is very very powerful
For sincere prarthanais  for marriage, child birth , pilli sunyam etc.

Thirukolakka Osai koduththa nayaki amman koil near sirkazhi
Ambal name itself is Osai Koduththa Nayaki.
When Sambandar  was singing ,  making thaalams  with  his hands. The Siva gave Golden Thaalam
And Ambal  gave  sound effects to the  aroopa thaalam. The Sivan is known as Thaalamudaiyar here.
There are practical experiences and history of  getting  speeches  by speechless by praying to this
Ambaal.   There are so many and the lsit is  in the temple. For speech honey is given as Prasadam
For 48 days. That will do the miracle in getting  speech.

Thirumangalakkudi   Mangala Nayaki koil –  near Aduthurai
Navagraha Koils at Suryanarkoil is the uba koil of this temple. One has to visit this temple before
Visiting Suryanar Koil as per Tradition.
Prarthanai sthalam – For Theerka Sumangali Varam . mangalyam is placed at feet of the amabal and
Returned after kungumaarchanai. Also for  Marriages, child birth ,chathru bayam, and health.
Doing  annathaanam on Sundays will give long life. Vyathi nivarthy.

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