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Sri Kadambanathaswami sametha Avudaiyanayaki Ambaal.
Place where Umamaheswari got the boon of being with Shiva always. Lord Shiva himself has informed that this kshetram is sacred than kasi .when a Brahmin while bringing the asthi of his father for submerging in Ganges at Kasi from Madurai place the asthi on banks of the river for doing santhyavanthan. While he was doing sandyavandan when the river water sprayed on the asthi kalasam, the asthi became flowers. At that time Shivs told in Asareeri.                                                   
Sthalam where Kashyapar has ashram and Lord Muruga to protect him killed two demons( malaiyan,maakaran) wearing garland of kadambamalar and worshipped this God. Hence this God is kadambesan.
Temple is more tha 1500 years old.Seyyar the river here is the river which washed child murugan with fragrances( Sey –menas child). Thiruvaththipuram,Maakaral,Thirumukkoodal al shall be seen simultaneously.
The other names of the places are – Thavanagaram,Muththipuram,Bogapuram,Gnanapuram,Annapuram,Kandhaasram, Kadambarkoil  and other many names.

Temple is older than 1800 years.
Veeravaranaathaswami sametha Ambaa nayaki.ambaal.
Pajapaandavas, Akalikai  worshipped Lord Shiva here.
Inthran is on his airavatham in between Shiva and Nanthi. Saaba vimochanam for Inthran from the Saabh of Akalikai. Swami is also known as Nethrapuriswarar. Since Inthran got sabha vimochanam for Akalikais Saabham – This may be treated as Saabha vimochana sthalam for Curses/Saabhams from Ladies.
Old name Nethrapuram, Nethrapuriswarar – Thirukkannaar in Tamil – in due course changed as Kinaar. Prarthanai Sthalam for Eye problems. The present Archakar family is 20 th generation.
Backside of moolavar in one stone all Somaskanthar,Ambaal,Murugan,Sivan, Vishnu, Braman Chandikeswar murthys are there. Hence at on darshan all Gods including mummoorthies can be darshaned here.

Near to Thirukashukundram malaiyadivaaram Koil.
Sri Thripura sundari sametha Ruthrakoeeswaraswami koil.
Kodi( Crore) Ruthirars appeared from Shiva  destroyed Kodi ( crore) asuras created by Kashyapa Maharishi. Lord Shiva himself worshipped Ruthrakodeeswarar here to have vimochamanm for killing kodi demons. In the Temple Tank here, special sangu appearing once in 12 years. That sangu has been taken and kept separately and we can have darshan.
Anything done here has effects of doing the same crore times. We can do ruthra japams, archanas, abishekams, annathaanams, vilvarchanai , lighting dheepam and any  social divine activity.

Agastheeswarar Koil,Purisai ,  in between Vandavasi & Seyyaar
Sri Agastheeswarar and Akilandeswari Ambal. In fact all the Temples with Akilandeswari sametha Agastheeswarar  are  created and worshipped by Sri Agasthiya maharishi. And all such temples are prarthanai sthalam for Child birth. Here Sivan is west facing  and Ambal East facing
There are 5 Gopurams and in the Temple Tank water we can see all the Gopurams beautifully.

Place which has more culverts  stating the age of the  place
Moolavar with Nagabaranam and such moolavars  are prarathanai sthalam for rahu kethu dosha etc
NandivarmanIII who won the Thellatru War is here only.He became nayanmaar later.,Known as kasazhsinga  naayanmaar. Once his queen smelt a floer offered to Thyagarajaswami at Thiruvarur and the Serunthunai nayanmaar who was there cut her nose as a punishment. Hearing the cry of Queen ( Wife) ,after knowing what she did , immediately cut the hand of the queen saying that hand also did the wrong by taking the flower.

Swarnambikai sametha Swarnapuriswarar
Moolavar Swayamboo moorthy. Vasishtar, Guru Worshipped Here. Place worshipped by Guru are Gurusthalams.
Once son of a sthapathi died of snakebite and Sivan gave relief to the child by coming as Sithar.
Known as periya koil in this  area. Kailasanathar koil,Panchakshareswar koil, Kaaryambureeswarar koil,Choleswarar  are the temples around this  temple.
The Mandapam is made of one stone.
Bairavar here is having special powers and if we pray by giving a lemon fruit , if the fruit fell down  our prayers will be successful

Brahmapuriswarar Koil,Vilathotti,Thiruchitrambalam near  Manalmedu
Sri Ikshurasanayagi  ambaal sametha Brahmeswarar
Bramha worshipped here with Vilvam . Prayed by Inthiran and ashta thik baalakarkal also
Murugan Thittilil valarntha sthalam Hence valarthottil now changed as vilaathotti
Till date local people used to put child only after tendays. Till then only in Thooli

Vandontreeswarar  koil,Thiruperumangalam near Thirupunkur,Sirkazhi
Vandontreeswarar Sametha Abirami Ambal
More than 2000 years old swayambu moorthy . Vanthu Ondriya Eswarar – Shivan Came here and He took himself Sundarar and Kalikaama nayanaars within himself. Kalikaama naayanaar  birth and mukthi place. Kalikaama naayanaar  hated Sundara naayanaar since Sundarar took his family problem to Sivaperuman for a compromise. To know Sundarars importance Shiva  created Stomach pain to Kalikaama naayanaar and to remove the pain He sent Sundarar to the place. Not interested in seeing Sundarar , Kalikaama Nayanaar  killed himself. When Sundarar at kalikaamanayanar house asked for him  and  had  tried to kill himself if Kalikaama naayanaar comes . At this time Shiva appeared before him and gave life to Kalikaama naayanaar  and  also  took both nayanmaars into himself.

This is sthalam for Adhi Raahu. Here raahu is as Snake with human Head. The place in  west where Manlka Vinayakar Temple is there is the Place Rahu worshipped Maanckam. In North Naga Kanni is there  which will remove Marriage obstacle.In separate prahaarams Neeladevi w/o Saneeswarar and Kethu are there.
Temple without Navagrahsm and Durgai.
Rahu Kethu thosham   and Sani Thosha parihaara sthalam.


11 Garuda Sevai Place. Well known vaishnava sthalam.
Here there are 11 temples and the festival of 11 rishaba sevais  have been celebrated  as a counter to Garuda Sevai. The practice has been stopped long back because of  deficiency of Bakthas and  Temple conditions.

The 11 Places are:
1.    Madangeeswarar Sametha  Raja Madangi at Naangoor – Sivan prathishted by  Mathangan son of Brahman   
2.    Arulmigu Amirtha Puriswarar Temple, Nangoor  - temple not existing – Somapeetam
3.    Sri bakthavatsakeswarar sametha Makthavathsalaambikai  Nangoor
4.    Sri Kailasa Naathar Temple  Nangoor not existing now
5.    Sri sundareswarrar Temple – Not existing Now
6.    Keezhai Tirukatupalli – Aranya sundareswar sametha Akilandeswari
7.    Yoganathar sametha Yogambal – ThiruYogeeswaram
8.    Sri sornapuriswarar sametha swarnaambikai , Kaathiruppu
9.    Sri Naganathar Koil under renovation – Allivilaakam
10. Sri Airavatheswarar sametha Athulyagujambaal, Aththeeswaram
11. Sri kalikaameswarar sametha Sundarambaal ,Thorukalikkamoor,Annappan pettai.

Thirumeniashagar sametha Soundaranayaki ambal
This place is full of Pearls Merchants and they exported to countries like Thakoba etc that time.
Once a child was born with leprosy and  deformities to Vallaban , King of Karnataka. The King instructed his soldiers to abandon the child in Thandakaavanam. That chid became boy and Prayed to Thirumeniashagar and drank abisheka theertham from archakar. Immediately  he became normal and beautiful  and Sivan appeared before him and narrated his background. He returned to his country and Ruled for many years.
Prayers at this place will give good health , beauty,

Sri Naganathaswami sametha Thripurasundari Ambal
When Devars & Asurars  grinding Manthara malai for getting Amutham – Mohini  took all the Amutham from them for the distribution of Devars only . Asuran Swarbaanu took amirtham impersonating as Deva. On knowing this from Suryan & Chandran - Mohini hit Swarbaanu with the Spoon ( Karandi) the Head of swarbaanu strongly. Swarbaanu Head broken and fell at Sirapuram alias Sirkashi and Body fell at Sembaambinkudi alias Sembangudi. Taking Amirtham they prayed Shiva to give Power of swallowing  Suryan and Chandran . Shiva gave that Power only during Grahana Kalams. He made them as a part of Navagraha as Kethu. This is  aadi kethu sthalam. Sthalam where  Swarbanu   was changed as Kethu with Snake Head and Human Body.
Kethu did Dava before Shiva with Snake Head and Human Body here.
Kethu Parihara,Prarthanai Sthalam

Thirukadaiyur is the place where Devars got Amutham by grinding the Sea with MatharaHill
Thalachangadu is the place where Sangu came while grinding the Sea with the Hill by them.
Then Mahalakshmi Came from Grinding.That place is Maakudi. Here Sivakama sundari is with 4 hands holding Akshara maalai and Lotus flower in hands. Giving Blessings/Abayams from other hands

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