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In all Shiva Temples as per Siva aagamaa, ( Followed in South India) north eastern Corner - Eesaanya Corner BHAIRAVAR Diety will be there.
He will be in Standing Posture with Dog as his Vahanam with 3 eyes.He has a Violent Look with Side Teeth Protruding beyond Mouth ( Korai Patkal) in Nude. Blue Coloured , with ear Kundalams,Wearing Garland of Skulls in Neck, Jewellery of snakes, Hairs as Jwaalaa Flames. He will have all Weapons in Hands. he is Chief Security of Lord Shiva - Protecting all Temples, Sthalangal. religious Places, Wholw universe from Evil effects. He is also known as Kshethra Paalakar.
Even now in most old Temples there is a practice of Keeping keys (after locking sannathis in Temples) at the feet of Bhairavar for few minutes and take back before leaving. The concept is Bhairava is the real Protector for the Temples from Thieves eventhough we are locking. Siince he is the Security has Dog as his Vahanam. Dog is said to be Vedic Amsam.
Bruhath jathakam says Bhairava is the amsam of Human Life. One who worships KaalaBhairava  will have no Death Fear. Horospically/Astrologically 12 raasis are the 12 parts of Bhairavar. Mesham - Head,Rishabam-Mouth, Mithunam - Two Hands,Katakam-Chest,Simmam-Stomach,Kanni- Hip,Thulaam-Buttocks,Vrichikam-Genitals,Thanusu-Laps,Makaram- Knee,Kumbam- Legs,Meenam- Feet. This convey that worshipping Bhairava will remove all our Body related health problems.
The Whole Universe is under the Control of Kaal & the Kaal is controlled by Bhairavar. Hence Kala bhiravar worship will remove all Problems by  Nine Planets, Grahams Etc. Even fate is said to be " Kaalam" or Neram" in Tamil - Both controlled by Kaala Bhiairavar.

    Lord Saneeswarar is the younger son of Surya Devan.and Yamadarmar is the Elder one. Since Saneswarar got Punished by various Gods for catching them & also punished by Yamadarmar - Yamadramar frequently used to  ridicule Shaneeswar and being younger one Shaneeswar was teased frequently. When Shaneeswar , prayed to his Mother Saayaa devi, She instructed Shaneeswar to Pray to Bhairavar and he will guide him. After Worshipping Bhairavar and got his blessings Shaneeswar became Powerful Planet of Nine Planets able to Catch anybody including Devas. Even though Sun is superiormost, Saneeswar is the most feared Planet fpr its neutrality in giving retaliations to our Sins. Hence Devotees who are affected by Sani Dosham can worship Bhairavar simultaneously and get their problems solved.
Bhairava in Sanskrit means " Bhayam" timidness which will be removed if Bhairavar is worshipped.

  There are many puranas about Bhairava's Birth. 
 1- When Dhakshayini Fell in Yagakund of Yagam performed by his father Dakshan because Dakshan performing Yagam insulting Shivs husband of Dakshayini, She was Charred and Shiva became wild and did Ruthra Thandavam holding her Body in his Hands.Since it will destroy the whole universe including Deva Lokams, Vishnu using his Chakrayutha made Dakshayini Body into 64 pieces The Places where 64 Pieces fell in the Earth are even now known as Shakthi Peetams. 
2- In the Earlier Days Brahman was with 5 Heads. at that time Brahman was doing atrocities with 5 Head and to remove his headweight&self proudness Shiva created Bhairava. Bhairava with his small finger left hand Picked Brahmas fifth head. Even now we can see in ancient Temples Bhairava will have a Picked Headin his left Hand Small Finger.
3- Asuran by name Andhakaasuran had given problems to Devars & insulting them to a great extent.Since he got Boons from Shiva- Bhairava made war with him and destroyed the Asurans. It is also said that Prathyankara Devi accompanied Bhairavar in the War desroying Asurans. Prathyankara Devi is also considered as Wife of Bhairavar.During the War with Anthakasuran - Eight Bhairavars appeared in Eight Directions to make a final war in destroying Asuras. Since Devars happy with Death of Anthakaasuran have given Eight Devis to the Ashta Bhairavars.

Bhairavar is also worshipped by Budhdhists/Jainist etc., as Bhairavar in the same Roopam/name.

In olden days Bhairaagees are considered to be the worshippers of Bhairavar. Since Bhairavar main place is Cremation & He is Controlling PrethaLokham,Paisaasam,Bhootha Lokam,Baathaala,Vethaala, Crowds and Other SatanicElements existing in Earth - Bhairaagees used to stay in Cremation Grounds & told as canibals.
Bhairavar Is controlling Yanthram,Thanthram,& He can remove Pilli - Soonyam- Yeval.

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  1. Indeed One must follow these Hindu religious /mythological facts being a true Hindu!
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