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We are mentioning Lord saneeswarar temples , comparatively less popular ,but powerful with ancient history:

2- Saneeswarar Temple at Sivagangai:
       This is one of the only few temples exclusively for Lord shaneeswarar. It is heard from Maha periyavaa history that Maha periyavaa has a Shaneeswarar idol during shani dasa period and prayed for universal well being. After that purpose is solved He has given that Idol to a Settiyar Devotee from sivagangai area and ask him to place the diety in his temple. The Settiyar has constructed a small temple at Masjid Street, Sivagangai with Lord Ganesh etc.,The temple main diety is Shaneeswarar only. since the Idol worshipped by Maha periyavaa swami - highly powerful if worshipped properly. Located in the heart of the Sivaganga Town.
____________________________________________________________________________ 3-Saneeswarara temple at Yerikuppam village,Polur Taluka thiruvannamalai dist. Here the shaneeswarar is in Yanthra Roopam in Moolasthanam. this also a temple exclusively for Shaneeswarar.Only recently renovation works started for a Prahara mandapam etc., to this small temple - but highly powerful. Worshipping Gods in Yanthra Roopam in temple and that too Yanthram installed by Munis long back, will be highly responded by the respective Gods. As per Mahaa Periyavaa advises , Lords Shaneeswarar, Navagrahas,Bhairavar and all Shiva Ganangal will be hearing our Prayers only if it is made through proper channel. All Shivaganangal are under control of Shiva and If we worship periodically Lord shiva with devotion as per our family practice , it will be enough to satisfy navagraha doshas etc., He also satirically uesd to tell Navagrahas/Yama are like shivaganangal ( Dhaadhaas or Bodyguards)in shivalogam and Devotees shall visit them only along with Lord Shiva and only on specific occasions like Sani Peyarchi / sani dasa puthi periods /dosha periods we shall make homams to "preethi" them. If we do "Preethi" to them very often without worshipping Lord Shiva universal Leader - It will be improper.
We shall Pray on our janma nakshatras or in the unfavourable transit periods etc only to Navagrahas/yama..
_________________________________________________________________________________ 4- Lord Shaneeswarar Temple situated at Dindigul Rockfort foothill @ backside of the famous Kottai Mariyamman Temple.the history of the Temple is not known. But privately managed temple by a Poosari family.Only shaneeswarar sannathi is there in a small moolasthanam.Temple has Praharams and vast scope for improvement. The Temple might have been constructed along with Kottai Mariyamman Temple about 3-400 years back During Malikkapoor period by Hindu soldiers in the Rani Velu Nachiyar regime or thippu sulthan regime.It is to be noted here that Rani velu Nachiyar , after defeated by British Team in first Fight had stayed in the Dindigul Fort & got war training by Thippu Sulthan Team of Soldiers.She stayed here in exile for a long period before her Second Historic fight in early 1700s and she got victory and the then British Governor general had almost given a undertaking like adimai sasanam to Velu Nachiyar and never fight with her till her last breath.Rani Velu Nachiyar is strong devotee to God rajarajeswari amman ( still in sivagangai fort) and Shivaperuman. One of her war team might have built this. This is the place of Siththars and almost all siththars belong to this area - Kasavanampatty Mounaguruswamikal, Sri Othaswamikal , Dindigul maliyadisiththaar etc., have prayed here
5- Lord Saneeswarar Temple - Padithurai @ Sozhavanthaan on the Banks of vaigai. this is also exclusive Lord shaneeswarar Temple , ancient - and visited by Thirunavukkarasar .the story behind this Temple has links with Kuruvithurai ( which is a Guru Parihara sthaalam) on the same bank of Vaigai within few kilometers.
________________________________________________________________________________ 6- Thirunaraiyur Mangalsaeeswarar @ Ramanathaswami Thirukovil.
Very near to Kumbakonam near Nachiyarkoil diversion. Dasarathar have installed here Ramanathaswami Kovil with Lord Shaneeswarar in a separate sannathi with his wife & children.Only in this Temple Saneeswarar is with his family at a same peetam Blessing all devotees. there is a dasarathar sannathi praying to Moolavar Sannathi. In this temple The Guru bhagawan is on Rishaba Vahanam - speciality.
_________________________________________________________________________________ 7- Alangudi- Pudukkottai District near Pudukkottai. This place is earlier known as Kadaram Konda Sozhapuram, perur Andaan, - means the temple built by Rajendra Sozhan son of Rajaraja cholan long back.
This is a Vaishnavite Temple.Sivan/ Perumal Kovil. Main Diety is known as Sri Namapureeswarar & Sri Darma Samvarthini Amman. Here Saneeswarar is as Bala saneeswarar in Child form. Worshipping kalabairavar,Suryan & Bala Saneeswarar on Theipirai Ashtami will remove all Doshams & Boons.
________________________________________________________________________________ 8-Mangammapettai near Arakonam - Here The Saneeswarar is in Kalyana Kolam with Neeladevi. Special Parihaara sthalam for Kaala dosham,sani preethi etc., Saeeswarar is known as Mangala saneeswarar and the place is known as Mangalampetti later changed as Mangammapettai.
_________________________________________________________________________________ 9- Vilaankulam - near Kattumavadi-near Peravurani. Atchayapureeswarar Temple. When Shaneeswarar got cut his leg by Yaman, Shaneeswar with his handicapped leg used to do Annadanam woth Suraikkai Odu ke had. When he came to this village he fell down by a Vilaam Tree Roots in aPond now known as Gnana Vapi. By the sacred water of thaat Pond His deformity disapperaed and Saneeswarar became normal. That is due to his annadaanam. Shivaperuman appeared before him and Blessed for his marriage with Jeshta & Mantha. Gnana Vaapi theertham is highly powerful for removing all deformities. Days combined with Poosam,Saturday & Akshaya thrithiyai are the the best day to worship here.
10-Koonthaloor - Eravanchery - Kudavasal near thiruvarur.
Arulmigu Jambukaranyeswarar & Anandavalli Ambal.- Worshipped by Uroma Maharishi as per Agasthiya Rishi instructions. Nari-Fox known as Jambu worshipped here Lord & hence this name for the Lord.
Shani & Sevvaai are facing each other. Hence advised as Parihaara sthalam for Sani & Sevvai Dosham as per Jaathakam.
11-Kuranganilmuttam,Mamandur, Thoosi village,Seyyaru
Arulmigu Vaaleeswarar Kovil arulmigu Valaiyammai ambal thirukovil. One of the most ancient temples of this region. Period not known. This Diety is worshipped by Vaali,Inthiran, Anil, Yaman,Monkey,Anil(Squirrel), and Crow. Existence before Dwapara Yugam. All have been relieved off from Doshas. Yaman,Anjaneyar(Monkey),Crow(Vahanam of Saneeswar) have worshipped here and Known as Shani Preethi Sthalam.
12- Thiruvelvikkudi near Kuththaalam, Mayuram via - One of the Temples within the cluster group of Lord Shiva marriage with Parvathy at Thirumanancheri. Agasthiyar relieved of Brahmahathi dosham here after killing Vathapi Asura. Place where Velvis(Yaham) done for Lord Shiva marriage. Place where Shiva gave half - left part to Ambal Parvathi. All rishis, Ganesh,Murugan, Devars worshipped here . No Navagraha Sannathi & Kodi maram. who are affected by Shani,Raghu,Kethu , Sevvai can put Lights in the Eesaanya moolai of the temple and get rid of their doshas.
13- Nagapattinam arulmigu Kayorahanaswamy/Neelayathaakshi Ambal. 
This Temple Saneeswaran was worshipped by Lord Dasaratha for relieving Sani Dosham & he got relieved of the Doshams. Separate Shaneeswaran Diety in the Navagraha Sannathi near Navagrahams. Speciality of All Navagrahams facing East . Highly advised for Ashtama,Arthashtama sani by astrologers. Shani Preethi sthalam as per Naadi Josyam. 
14- Pashoor - Near Mutharasanallur - 15 Kilometers from Trichy.
Pazhoor Navagraha Koil Has become popular after Kanchi Maha Periyavaa Visit to this Temple.
Pazhoor Sivan Temple is very old. Small temple in a Village 3km away off Trichy Karur Main Road @ Mutharasa nallur near Jeeyapuram. Navagrahams reinstalled as per Mahaperiyavaa wishes in a separate Mandapam. the speciality is All Navagraahs are with their spouses in respective Vaahanas. Popularly known as Pazhoor Navagraha kovil @ Trichy.
Hence We can worship Sivan Temples where separate Yaman Sannathi is there for getting relief from Shanis Look. It is to be mentioned here that mostly there will be No Navagraha Sannathi in the Shivan Temples where There is separate Yaman sannathis: Such Temples Are -- 
1- Thirukkadiyur Amirthakadeshwarar /Abirami Amman - where Kala samhara murthy will absolve all Sani Thoshams.
2- Sreevanchiyam Near Peralam Karaikal route - Vanchinatha Swami - 
3- Yamaneswaram Sivan Temple- near Nannilam 
4- Thiruppainjeeli near Tiruchi 
5- Thandeeswarar Temple where separate Yaman sannathi is there facing Moolavar Sivan known as Thandeeswarar 

15- Thiruvarur Thygarajar /Kamalambal temple. - The Vanmeeghanathar is worshipped by Saneeswarar for removal of his other Doshas. Here Navagrahams are are in a row on aline facing samr directions. After praying at Thirunallaru, Nalamaharaaja said to pray at Thirukillikadu & Thiruvarur for getting his sani dosham relieved 100%.
16-Thepperumanallur Viswanathar kovil near Kumbakonam. here Saneeswaran is in a standing position having his hands placed on his hips in a state of over proudness with a feeling he can catch anybody including God . Because of that overestimation of himself Saneeswar was torn into Peices by Lord Shiva & after Praying here he got his Image united. Worshipping here Shiva will remove all doshas.
17- At suriyanar kovil near aduthurai - saneeswarar is blessing all with his two wives in a standing position without Crow - his vahanam. this is rare. Worshipping here with family on Saturdays will reduce Sani effects.
18- At Kuthaalam near Mayiladuthurai , There is a Baathaala Shaneeswarar in Choleeswarar Temple . Shaneeswarar said to be Swayambu Eswarar. Very rare in Shivan Temple. Shaneeswarar in a Praying Position with folded hands ( holding Amirtha kalasal within hands).
During Renovation Process long ago , This vigraham could not be replaced since even after digging 15 feet the base of the Vigraham could not be found out. Hence this name Bathala Saneeswarar.
19-Perichiyur near Thirupathur (Sivagangai dist) Saneeswarar in a separate Sannathi facing West having Powerful Effects for Sani Dosham if worshipped on Saturdays evening
Besides All Shaneeswarars having separate Sannathis in Shivan temples, Shaneeswarar at Mayuranathar Temple (in thavakkolam),Shaneeswar at Thiruchendur Murugan temple ,
Pongu saneeeswarar at Vekkali amman koil at Tiruchi, Pattavarthy Saneeswarar at Kumbakonam, are worth visiting.

Shaneeswarar shall not be seen straight- i.e - his eye sight shall not fall on us directly. In most Temples you can see the eyes of Shaneeswarar would be half open only. That is in tune with the above sentiment only.

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