Sunday, 7 December 2014


The Following are Extracts From  Mahaa Periyavaa Speeches available in many Sites regarding Shaneeswarar.

1- Lord Shaneeswarar is not a Horror Graha Or Raakkshas. He is the God who gives Punishment /benefits To the People for the Good Or Bad done by the People in their Earlier Births / Current Birth also.
2- He is just like a judge who is giving judgement
3- As a human being and as per Our hindu Beliefs we have to be given punishments for our sins in our earlier births also if it is as per our fate , as determined earlier.
4- We can not change this by giving in much to the Gods and escape from our sins. If it is so , the essence of Hinduism that Each Sins must be Punished may become false. It is not so.
5- Punishment is in so many ways. We can Pray to Gods that We have understtod our Sins, repent for that and will do never such sins in future. Shani Preethi Etc will Please the God and He may give a less painful Punishments. Hardships can not be felt much , if we concentrate on Divine matters consistently.
It will be easy to be pacified and We will get mental piece even though we may be under Shani Clutches.
All the Slokas,Manthras are to give us Mental Peace and Strength to face any difficulty etc.,
Periyaa himself have told devotees ro Read "KOLARU  PATHIKAM"  in Tamil sung by Appar Swamikal to have lesser affected by Lord Shaneeswarar. Reciting this Daily morning @ Pooja time will give us enough strength, peaceful happy life even when we are under Ashtama Sani, Arthashtama Sani 7 and 1/2 etc.,

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